Antone Borer, USA

“I’ve had this purifier by my bedside for a couple of days and can tell a huge difference in my allergy because the cats. Over night of running this I could breathe with ease! There is a noticeable difference in the air. No more musty smell. I find it personally soothing when I try to fall asleep.”


“The usage is very simple. You can operate it by plugging in the power. Pressing the color that appears in blue belongs to the first gear. Pressing the red light again increases the wind. It is also easy to clean and can be easily cleaned by opening the bottom.”


“We like two settings which, when you sit to watch TV, you can use the lowest setting with blue night light on top or without it. The maximum setting has some noise but not unbearable, the lower setting works normally at night with almost white noise effect, which helps to sleep, which we did not expect at all.”


“After two days of use I really feel that the air in the room is much better”.


“Its small lightweight contemporary design, makes it easy to move to other rooms if required. It’s good value for a air purifier as some of them run into hundreds of pounds. This stylish device does the same thing and I fully recommend this product.”


“Have been using it for a few days now. The air smells much fresher, cleaner and just wonderful. The stuffiness that is usually in the room is gone. It’s also very quiet. Even though its not a fan it does create a cool breeze in the room. Just a great compact size air purifier.”