How is air purifier improving your sleep 3 minutes past midnight?

According to WHO, 3.8 million death are attributed each year to indoor air pollution, 3 billion people globally rely on polluting energy sources for cooking and 50% of pneumonia death in children under 5 are due to household air pollution.

Air purifiers are mostly designed to get rid of bad (sleep-depriving) particles:

– Mold,

– Pollen,

– Smoke,

– Dust,

– Dander,

– Odor.

Air pollution indoors is cut-off when you use an air purifier.

What can be a better place to keep an air purifier than a bedroom if most adults need to sleep 7 to 8 hours each night? It might be a non-invasive treatment for insomnia and for skin.

Placing an air purifier in a bedroom means you’d have a sound sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. You’d gotten rid of the allergens that ruin your night.

Look carefully and you will notice too many people being deprived of sleep, yet they don’t have an idea what the cause and remedy might be.

Too many people end up coughing, sneezing, or have a headache when they wake up in the morning.

Oftentimes, it is difficult to trace such symptoms to any activity. What can be done easily about that?

Well, good breathing is paramount to good sleep. It makes a huge difference regarding falling sleep, staying asleep all night long and waking up feeling refreshed.

People sleep best in a cool and comfortable environment, where fresh air plays a big role. The fresh air will somehow help your body cool the temperature, burn calories, and rest more comfortably.

Sleep – while powering you up physically, mentally and emotionally – determines how well you start the following morning.

Some non-trivial benefits of good night sleep:

– reducing craving and losing weight

– increasing ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills

– improving reflex, focus and memory

– strengthening immunology system to combat potential diseases

– reducing stress

– reducing depression.

Air purifiers release a white noise that contributes and serves as a sleep aid. The white noise sound is a static frequency that blends in together to help in creating a soothing ambient sound and blocking a noise from outside.

Freshitivity recommends to keep our air purifiers switched on all the time because:

– closed windows and doors don’t protect against outdoor pollution (so it is not enough to purify a room once),

– air indoors become crazy polluted very quickly after switching off an air purifier,

– it can take up to 1 hour to purify the air indoors.

Remember that you have always a choice: to start the next day better or to ruin your next day.